At Worlds 2022, when will each stage begin?

At Worlds 2022, when will each stage begin? ...

Fans of League of Legends should be ready to get the hang of the tournament before the 2022 League of Legends World Championship.

The start times for each stage, from the play-in stage on Thursday, Sept. 29, to the finals on Saturday, November 5, should be the ideal time for North American fans to tune in and watch their favorite teams compete. The tournament will be held in several cities across the continent.

The first time the World Cup was held in North America in 2016, fans across the world might want to raise an alarm based on how late or early theyll need to get up for the festivities.

Wherever you are in the world, here are the start times for each stage of Worlds 2022. An asterisk marks the next day.

StageCentral TimeEastern TimePacific TimeCentral European Summer TimeKorea Standard Time
Play-ins Sept. 29 to Oct. 23pm CT4pm ET1pm PT10pm CEST5am KST
Play-ins Oct. 3 to Oct. 41pm CT2pm ET11pm PT8pm CEST3am KST
Groups Oct. 7 to Oct. 104pm CT5pm ET2pm PT11pm CEST6am KST
Groups Oct. 13 to Oct. 162pm CT3pm ET12pm PT9pm CEST4am KST
Quarterfinals Oct. 20 to Oct.234pm CT5pm ET2pm PT11pm CEST6am KST
Semifinals Oct. 294pm CT5pm ET2pm PT11pm CEST6am KST
Semifinals Oct. 304pm CT5pm ET2pm PT11pm CEST6am KST
Finals Nov. 57pm CT8pm ET5pm PT2am CEST*9am KST

24 of the best teams in the world will compete over the course of several weeks in an attempt to establish their names in the history books of League esports. The tournament will begin with the play-in stage, where only four out of 12 teams can earn a spot in the group stage.

After the event, the teams and 12 other group stage competitors will battle for their place in the playoffs. Each team will compete in a single-elimination format bracket, with the final team winning the Summoners Cup.