The free Hogwarts Legacy remake, built in just one day, appears different

The free Hogwarts Legacy remake, built in just one day, appears different ...

As we enter the early access period for the new Harry Potter game, Hogwarts Legacy, there is already a highly unofficial and quite... different looking "remake" in the works. One brilliant developer rebuilds the entire RPG in a single day, with plans to launch their budget version of Hogwarts Legacy as a fully playable free game.

ThrillDaWill, the creator of Lego Fallout and Lego God of War, has completed the seemingly impossible task of making Hogwarts Legacy – or at least, a playable version of Hogwarts Legacy – in 24 hours. Starting by importing a basic character model and movement system, the developer begins by creating a playable version of the game.

ThrillDaWill encounters a problem with Hogwarts school uniforms. ThrillDaWill setups a quick system to make the bottom half of the outfits respond to movement and swiftly moves on – the result is, well, the outfits do move.

ThrillDaWill finds a Hogwarts castle model and spends hours adding textures to each of its 3 million polygons, then adds a wand that shoots green lightning and a ready-made inventory and pick-up system.

ThrillDaWill settles on a simple, modern-day, janitorial broom and constructs a rough system so you can fly around the map. Using some motion-capture software, the developer records a few individual animations, then adds a quest where you must find butterbeer for Hagrid, who appears as a polygonal recreation of the PS1 Hagrid from The Philosopher's Stone.

ThrillDaWill's game is called 'Wacky Wizard Legacy,' but it's currently too big to fit on Itch. The developer says they're doing "some updating" and that it will be available soon on the platform, offering a very, very low-rate version of Hogwarts Legacy for free.

If you want to experience Hogwarts Legacy in its complete, real form, you can check out all of its best Hogwarts Legacy spells. You might also want to check out the entire Hogwarts Legacy map, or start mixing some Hogwarts Legacy potion to keep you going during those long classes.

JK Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter series, has made a number of transphobic comments on social media in recent years. While the details of the license aren't publicly known, WB Games claims that "J.K. Rowling is not directly involved in the creation of the game", it is probable that she will earn royalties from sales of the game. Both organizations are based in the United States.