Best Practice Maps for Fortnite Warm Up & Edit Courses! (September 2022)

Best Practice Maps for Fortnite Warm Up & Edit Courses! (September 2022) ...

Our Fortnite Warm Up & Edit Courses List includes the best options for preparing to play the game in Creative Mode. These courses are great for both practicing and getting ready to go into battle. We'll be updating this list periodically so make sure to check back soon!

Fortnite Warm Up & Edit Map Codes List

Best Fortnite Warm Up & Edit Course Codes

2338-7889-8904: Candook's Ultimate Warm Up Map

Candook is a well-known mapmaker at Fortnite Creative, who has developed a loyal following for their dozens of high-quality maps. Edit courses became an instant hit for players as Battle Royale became a major component of the game, and this all-in-one map quickly climbed to the top of many Best Of lists due to its versatility. It also functions as an Aim Training, Warm-Up, and Edit Course!

1430-2310-1162: Percy's Edit World Map Code

On Percy's Edit World, you'll find what you need to get started.

1478-6145-6503 is the pump Wars map code.

Edit Pump Wars is a Fortnite map that most players are looking for when they want a Warm-Up Edit. It gets your heart racing with close combat each round while getting you in the mindset to switch between fighting and editing quickly, like you'll often find in those tough situations at the end of a competitive match.

4240-3520-4824: Jordystrom Edit Course Map Code

This edit course is a great resource for players who want to refresh their editing skills solo. It includes dozens of unique structure formations that allow you to sharpen your editing abilities for any structure design challenge an opponent may leave for you.

1198-7857-6250: Ultimate Warmup & Practice Map

When looking at Edit Course map titles, the term "ultimate" is often used, which discourages many players from going to the store. These include three levels of Edit Courses, 1v1 skirmishes, piece control training, and more!

9597-1873-8450: Solo Warm Up Course

Warm Up Course Solo is best to play on your own, since it is a challenging edit map that spends a lot of time putting your vertical editing skills to the test. If you prefer to play solos, this map is ideal for you!

3917-0476-8838: Edit Piece Control and Aim Warm Up

For Fortnite Battle Royale, Chapter 3 introduced a slew of new gameplay mechanics, which means players will have new strategies to master and techniques to use. This map is currently one of the few maps to incorporate these new game mechanics. There are also Edit Courses for Sliding, Piece Control, and of course the standard Warm Up edits!

Warm Up | Aim, Edits, and Builds Map Code: 3925-1383-1933

This map is designed for Fortnite players who want to warm up on their own, but the multitude of edit paths make it possible to play against your friends more than once and see who can adapt the best and masterfully edit their way through each course!

Players may choose the course that they feel is the best fit for their needs, whether it's just to refresh yourself or to truly challenge yourself and increase your performance while editing. Start the next one when you're ready!

Easy Tryhard Edit Course Map Code: 3692-0671-2791Medium Tryhard Edit Course Map Code: 5044-1947-7391Hard Tryhard Edit Course Map Code: 7541-8490-7737

3859-9858-2109: Pan's Edit Course Season 8 Map Code

Pan_Go has been developing courses for a long time, many of which have been published on several websites. This is the latest one they've produced, with fresh content for Chapter 2 Season 8 of Fortnite. This is a simple edit course that challenges players to demonstrate their expertise by passing it in under five minutes. He encourages players to include their records in his scoreboards for other players to see!

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