Why is my BitLife purchase refusing to work?

Why is my BitLife purchase refusing to work? ...

If you are having trouble acquiring BitLife add-on content, such as Job Packs, Bitizen, or God Mode, it's most likely because to a random error outside of BitLife. Fortunately in most instances, you can resolve any issues you may have when purchasing BitLife by following the steps explained below.

How to fix BitLife purchases not working

If you have any issues with BitLife's add-ons, we recommend you exit eitherApple orGoogle Play. Afterwards, you must return to your respective platform and try to purchase the game again. But you must also close theBitLife app completely and relaunch the game.

If your purchase fails, restart your router or switch to a more stable network. Apple or Google Play may be down if you continue to encounter issues after these steps. In this situation, you can only wait for the service to come back online or stabilize.

How to restore a BitLife purchase

If you ever wondered how to restore old BitLife purchases, it's simple. Simply go to the Settings page in BitLife. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find an option called Restore Earlier Purchase.