Roblox's Anime Story How to Accelerate Fast

Roblox's Anime Story How to Accelerate Fast ...

Anime Story is a great anime game on Roblox that is full of adventure, exploration, and epic battles. As you progress and earn Gems, not only will you increase your stats, but you may also unlock new abilities and abilities that will allow you to explore new locations.

Complete Quests

The ability to earn XP rapidly and efficiently is one of the best ways to earn XP. Check the bottom left of your screen to see what rewards you will earn for completing the tasks.

Fight Enemies

Fighting enemies is another great way to earn XP efficiently. Since many Quests already require you to fight, you can get twice the XP for defeating all of the surrounding enemies. Using Abilities that target multiple opponents is a great way to accomplish this.

Use Boosts

If you want more XP while playing, you can purchase Boosts that make it much easier to level up, allowing you to reach the high levels in no time. Choose the Shop from the menu on the left side of your screen.

Boosts are a great way to speed up your game quicker than Questing or grinding mobs. However, you can always get free XP Boosts when updates or goals are reached. Anime Story codes can occasionally give you free XP Boosts that will last for a few minutes and don't require you to spend any Robux.

You can buy the VIP Pass directly under the game's featured image, beside the About and Servers tabs. Other incredible bonuses include a 2x AFK Machine reward and an equipable crown.

In no time, you can begin exploring new locations, challenging other players in the Ranked PVP games, and even starting some new exciting quests!

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