Roblox Wacky Wizards' How to Get the Rubber Band Ingredient

Roblox Wacky Wizards' How to Get the Rubber Band Ingredient ...

Slingshot your way into Wacky Wizards and collect this stretchy ingredient before it's too late! For further information on the Rubber Band ingredient, and a list of all the possible potions, check out our complete list!

Wacky Wizards: How to Unlock the Rubber Band Ingredient

Once you've spawned into Wacky Wizards, head toward the map's desert area. If you find yourself turned around, remember where we collected the Egyptian Head and Nomers Head ingredients.

Once you've reached the desert, proceed to the large pyramid's sandy ramp. This should be a single cactus.

Approach this cactus and keep an eye out for a purple glowon one of the cactus's arms should be the Rubber Band ingredient!

Simply click on the rubber band and return to your cauldron, toss the ingredient inside, and press theStartbutton to begin brewing. TheYeetpotion should appear within a few seconds! Your Robloxian will be yeeted into the air!

Rubber Band potion list

All of the currently known Rubber Band potions are included in the list below.

633YeetRubber BandGet yeeted!
634FlingRubber Band + DynamiteFling your enemies with a bomb
635Rubber-bonesRubber Band + Egyptian HeadGet long bones!
636Fling-glovesRubber Band + Boxing GlovesFling punches!
637Tire-trampolineRubber Band + Giraffe HoofTire trampoline!
P220Rain-bouncyballsRubber Band + CloudMake it rain bouncy balls!

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