Explained: How to Take a Photo in Genshin Impact All Photo Mode

Explained: How to Take a Photo in Genshin Impact All Photo Mode ...

Teyvat's world is too beautiful to be forgotten. Whether you're roaming the forests of Sumeru or the plains of Liyue, certain landscapes captivate your attention. This article will demonstrate how to take a photo anywhere in the game.

How do you take a photo in Genshin Impact?

Open the main menu and look for the camera icon on the left sidebar. In this mode, time will continue to pass, and you can still be attacked by enemies. If you are attacked, the Photo Mode will close.

To take a picture, type ENTER on your keyboard or SHARE for PlayStation players. Your frame may be rearranged by moving the zoom slider on the left side of the screen, or by moving the mouse wheel. You can tilt the camera using W and S, and pan the camera with A and D. For additional cinematic controls, click F1.

To go to the advanced controls menu, hold F1 for PC players or R1 for PlayStation players. This will give you access to a background blur, if you want to focus solely on your character. This blur may be customized with the "Blur distance" and "Blur radius" sliders.

In the "Other" column, you may prompt your character to stare at the camera, or you may hide the character altogether. If you select "Hide personal information," your UID in the bottom right corner will be replaced by the Genshin Impact logo, revealing your in-game identity.

Three poses you can choose from for each character that are universal to all characters. In standby, your character will continue to do its idle animations, but in the other two poses, they will remain unchanged. There are also three facial expressions you can pick from, although these are not exclusive to each character.