Wild Hearts allows you to defeat gigantic wolves using a deadly umbrella

Wild Hearts allows you to defeat gigantic wolves using a deadly umbrella ...

As we approach the release date of EA's next monster hunting RPG game, a lot of Wild Hearts gameplay is shown off, including several gameplay demos showing off hunts in action, and a new story trailer gives us a stylish look at the confrontation between the game's giant beasts, the Kemono, and the hunters who are using a mysterious ancient technology called the Karakuri.

The 'Tame a World Gone Wild' story trailer depicts the battle between the hunters and the Kemono, as well as scenes from the Karakuri tools and traps in action. Perhaps the highlight is seeing a hunter, moments after their monocycle roller crashes into a snow drift, whip out the umbrella-like Bladed Wasaga.

A fifteen-minute gameplay demo from PlayStation Japan shows us a look at the Nodachi, a massive greatsword, and the hammer-like Maul in action, while the other shows off the Tsukumo – small companions that look like Monster Hunter Palicos – in action.

The PlayStation Japan hunts, while in Japanese, show us a good look at some crafting, weapons, and food bonuses.

Wild Hearts will have free DLC after its launch, including fire and water, an icon with a leaf (perhaps poison, which was previously mentioned), and another that might be an earth or physical resistance. Along with these changes, armour can be altered to shift it in a more human or Kemono focused direction.

We also see the radar Karakuri, which is a device that can be deployed to display nearby Kemono on the map. The trail will follow the most efficient route to your target if you break away from a fight or re-engage while recovering.

Wild Hearts is looking fantastic, and seeing more of it in action makes me more interested in the Monster Hunter series as well as other similar games such as Dauntless. It's certainly a big crown to go for, but I'm eager to give it a go.

The release date for The Wild Hearts is on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the EA Play Store. EA Play is available for all subscribers who wish to play the game until February 13, but this is not the case.

As soon as news comes in, we'll ensure you're up to date on all the latest updates. Make sure you're okay for Wild Hearts launch with the system requirements. In the meantime, take a look at more of the best cooperative games on PC to enjoy with friends, along with more of the finest games like Monster Hunter.