The Disney Dreamlight Valley Lion King trailer foreshadows the hakuna matata

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Lion King trailer foreshadows the hakuna matata ...

The next Dreamlight Valley update is almost here, but Gameloft already has ideas for what's coming next in the Disney life game. Simba and Nala, who are already popular, appear in a new sneak peek trailer for the Disney Dreamlight Valley Lion King realm, as the king restores his crown from the slinking Scar.

The teaser trailer for the latest Nintendo Direct showcase gives us a sneak peek at the forthcoming update, which will see Simba and Nala visit your valley alongside their own realm. There isn't much that fits the bill quite as much as the handful of grubs roasting tantalisingly on a burning log, so we might be in for some more 'jungle fare.'

The Lion King update for Disney Dreamlight Valley will be available in April 2023 as a free update for the Disney Dreamlight Valley. We already had a sneak peek of this as part of the planned itinerary for the year, but getting official confirmation that both Simba and Nala will be joining is wonderful news.

Gameloft has promised a "brand new, strange storyline" in the new Lion King realm, during which the pairing will officially begin. With the devious Scar already an established part of Dreamlight Valley (and having already learned some valuable lessons about how to behave himself in the fun-first fantasy neighborhood), it'll be interesting to see how the Simba and Nala's arrival changes things.

Simba's companions Timon and Pumbaa are still unknown, although they have already appeared in teasers in the past — and what phrase better reflects the easy-going nature of life in Dreamlight Valley than 'Hakuna matata?'

As part of Dreamlight Valley update 3, titled 'A Festival of Friendship,' the Disney Dreamlight Valley Encanto Update includes Mirabel, Olaf from Frozen, and a new bunny companion. It also includes full door customization, something that I personally am unsurprised about.

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