The Genshin Impact Warriors Spirit switches team play for one-on-one duels

The Genshin Impact Warriors Spirit switches team play for one-on-one duels ...

This Genshin Impact Warrior's Spirit event brings us back to Inazuma to face off against one warrior at a time as the Traveler.

Players will need to be Adventure Rank 30 or higher, and must have completed the Ritou Escape Plan Archon Quest. Basically, you should be eligible as long as you made it to Inazuma the correct way and completed the introductory quest there.

Each day that the event is live, you'll face off against several enemies at a time, and a new duel is unlocked. There are a total of six challenges to choose from: easy, normal, and pro.

The majority of what sounds like basic gameplay, but the biggest surprises are in the actual gameplay. You'll be using the Traveler without any access to an elemental skill or elemental burst. Those moves are replaced by a parry, honed techniques, and ultimate techniques. Warrior's Spirit is all about pure swordsmanship.

While it would be nice to see a parry option added to Genshin Impact's regular gameplay for an additional layer of defense beyond dodge, we know that HoYoverse often comes up with interesting gameplay suggestions only to keep them limited to events.

It would have been nice to keep a few non-combat gameplay options such as the camera function working mid-fight in the Fayz Trials event from version 3.0. Players were literally begging HoYoverse to include that special camera to regular gameplay.

With the current Genshin Impact banners, you can still choose your favorite character in the Warrior's Spirit event. Hu Tao and Yelan will now be available in the second half of the update.