Pacific Drive, a survival game, is a STALKER road trip to Twin Peaks

Pacific Drive, a survival game, is a STALKER road trip to Twin Peaks ...

Pacific Drive, a game that first appeared on the PlayStation State of Play stream in September last year, has released a new trailer that gives a better sense of what this STALKER-inspired road trip through the Olympic Exclusion Zone will bring later this year.

Pacific Drive is an upcoming PC game set on Washington's Olympic peninsula, a landmass largely covered in wildlife that extends across Puget Sound from Seattle. Initially, Pacific Drive was created as a mysterious exclusion zone due to a mysterious disaster caused by ARDA. Now it's packed with radiation and STALKER-inspired'anomalies,' and a massive weather phenomenon called the 'Zone Storm,' which annihilates anything in its path.

Each run in Pacific Rim involves you venturing out into the exclusion zone in your trusty station wagon, which provides some degree of protection from the hazards of the zone. There, you'll find scraps, parts, and new materials to reuse in your garage to repair and upgrade your car.

Each time you go out, the zone changes, and you'll need to improvise: the station wagon can take some of the beating, but only so much. You'll need to look for abandoned gas stations, automobiles, and whatever else you can find there.

You can't sit still too long, though, because you'll attract the attention of anomalies, and eventually, you'll have to elude the destructive power of the zone storm itself.

Fortunately, you can find customizations for your vehicle that increase its durability and allow it to take you into areas that were previously unimaginable.

The trailer for Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, Alan Wake, and maybe even Forza are all there.

Ironwood Studios, the creator, has stated that the Pacific Drive release date would happen sometime this year, and you may want to add it to your wishlist now. Or, you may want to check out some of the greatest racing games on PC to ensure your driving abilities are up to date.