Location of all hatches Dead by Daylight

Location of all hatches Dead by Daylight ...

When you play as a survivors in Dead by Daylight, you have two options to escape. The first is to work together with your fellow survivors and repair five generators. When you finally escape as a team, you feel triumphant because you conquered evil together, not apart. The second is to hide in the tall grass, hoping you will find a hatch, or wait until one spawns after all of your fellow survivors have been sacrificed.

The hatch will only appear when just one survivor remains in the Trial, or when the remaining Survivors outnumber you in the most remote 10% of locations. However, you can burn the Annotated Blueprint to increase the likelihood of a hatch spawning at the Killer Shack, or a Vigo’s Blueprint to increase the probability of a hatch spawning at main buildings on all of the following maps.

This guide is for those players who prefer to let others perish for their own safety. Here are all of the known hatch spawn locations for each map in Dead by Daylight. A word of caution: The Killer can close the hatch, so be careful you don't fall in a trap.

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The MacMillan Estate Map of Hatch Points

This section explains the MacMillan Estate map's hatch locations.

This is the massive structure that dominates the landscape. It groans and creaks as you pass by it. Look to the side of the coal tower, and you'll see a two-story structure. The hatch will spawn on the outside near the wheelhouse.

Another massive structure will be obvious to you when it has so many entrances and exits. The hatch might spawn in or around the main building. Keep an eye on this one.

Another great location to see. It's the mine's heart and the area you'll be cornered in the most by Killers. Look for the hatch to spawn between two pipes on the first floor of the building.

This area is marked by a massive tree. There are three possible areas to look for a hatch in. The first is near the cabin. If that fails, look around the area's edges. There are two spawn points right on the area's perimeter.

Look for the huge house near the ramp in this last region. It's also where you can see a hill near the farm. The hatch will spawn behind the large house.

The Autohaven Wreckers map hatch locations.

The following are the map locations for Autohaven Wreckers.

This location does have completely random hatch spawns. However, the chances are greater for it to spawn near the map's outer edge, between trees, and near generators. If a single area has all three, the chances are that the map will appear there as well.

This area has only one exit, and it is inside the lodge, just at the bottom of the map, down all the terrifying stairs. Don't go there unless you absolutely have to.

This is another highly randomized hatch. Our best suggestion is to keep an eye on generators whenever it comes.

In this area, there are two barrels and a tree behind the shop. This is where the hatch will hatch. Be familiar with the area so you know where to go when you're the only one left.

This is another randomized location. The tendency seems to be that the hatch will spawn near trees but also inside buildings. When you need to locate it quick, go for the trees first.

Coldwind Farms map hatch locations.

All Coldwind Farms maps have their hatch locations.

On this section, there is a blimp crash site. The hatch spawns north or northeast of it. It shouldn't be difficult to locate the location until the time comes.

Find this location and get to the back of the house. The hatch will be located on the lower porch in a back corner.

In this area, a house has been half torn down. The hatch will spawn beside it. This is a tricky one because everything appears the same. Just remember that it is the half torn down structure that should help.

This is a common theme. A hanging dead pigs is in a room that the hatch usually spawns in. The hatch may also spawn near the exits, but it will be situated near a fence.

A hatch spawn will almost certainly be observed near the exit of a field. For the most part, though, hatch spawns are very random. Keep looking through the fields to see what you can find.

Asylum locations on the Crotus Prenn Asylum map are revealed.

The following are the hatch locations for the two maps in this area.

The hatches that sprout up here are very random. What seems to be a common thread between them is that they sprout near bonfires. If you're stuck, look for a shelter.

For this hatch, you need to look for the map's edge. The hatch almost always spawns inside it. If that fails, look for generators near the map.

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Hatch locations on the Haddonfield map

This map has very predictable hatch locations. You must look on the asphalt road. The hatch will spawn in the middle or at either end.

The hatch locations on the Blackwater Swamp map are

These are the hatch spawn locations for the Black Water Swamp maps.

The hatches that spawn here are more random than anyone can track. Look to the outer edges for a good start. Just keep in mind that the hatch might also spawn on the second floor of a building.

Another extremely random hatch spawn map. Try to look in the center of the map since that's generally a great location to start looking for the hatch.

Map of the Lery's Memorial Institute hatch locations

This map is quite random, but you can at least anticipate where the hatch will spawn. Look for the corners of the map, because there's a better chance of it spawning there than anywhere else.

The hatch locations on the Red Forest map are

We know that lying about how trees are beneficial for the hatch spawn here isn't helpful, but we're telling you nonetheless. The hatch is much more likely to spawn near tall trees that stand out, so seek them out if you're on the run.

The hatch locations on the springwood map are shown on the map.

The hatch spawning in this home is located in two locations: the first is at the end of the road, conveniently near an exit.

Gideon Meat Plant Map Locations in the Egg Shell

The stairs going upwards must be visible on this map. This is not always the case. Sadly, this isn't always the case. If you don't take a chance on it, you will die.

The hatch locations on the Yamaoka Estate map are shown below.

The center rule applies here. The hatch almost always spawns in the center of the map. It's in the area where bamboo canes are growing amid a few low concrete walls.

The hatch locations on the Ormond map are marked on the ormond map.

Hatches are always more likely to spawn near generators. That's true here. Every generator you know about is almost always near one. Luckily, they're extremely quiet and simple to locate.

The Hawkins National Library has drawn a map of hatch locations.

For all players except those who own the Stranger Things DLC, this map has now been removed from Dead by Daylight.

The hatch will only spawn on the lowest level for this map, which means going down as far as you can, which is risky with a Killer on the loose. Once there, look around the edges, and look for generators.

The hatch locations on the grave of Glenvale are shown in the map below.

The hatches in this case are random. Use the most reliable generator tips and look first at the edges. If it isn't in any of these locations, it might be in the center.

Locations on the Silent Hill map are revealed in this map.

This last map is also random, but it's much more complex. The issue is that the hatch can spawn under huge chunks of flesh, which means you have to look even harder for them. Don't let a lump go by without you rubbing your face in it.

Locations on the Forsaken Boneyard map that hatches

Behaviour Interactive, the creator of this map, wanted players to be permitted to play the game and lurk close to hatch spawn locations. The hatches here are random, but sticking to the edges or center is always a good strategy.

Raccoon City Map The hatch locations

The original Raccoon city map was split into two sections, the east and west wings, by developer Behaviour Interactive.

The hatch in this map is not set at a specific location, but most players agree that the hatch spawns upstairs in the lounge more often than not. We've escaped through this hatch more times than we can count, so it's a reliable location.

The hatch tends to spawn upstairs more often than it does downstairs. We've never seen it downstairs, and have escaped through the bathroom a few times when we've been the last Survivor on the map.

Locations of the Withered Isle hatch locations

The Garden of Joy is the map on Withered Isle, and it's a difficult one to tackle as a Survivor. Usually, it'll spawn in one of the small hedges to the right or left of the map. We've never seen it spawn inside a building.

Borgo hatch locations have been determined.

The Decimated Borgo's map depicts a Medieval Italy that has been completely destroyed by conflict. There is little protection from being spotted at long range by the Killer, as well as within burned-out buildings. If you're left on your own, move from building to building until you find a way out.