In Hogwarts Legacy, we'll discuss all gear rarities and what they mean

In Hogwarts Legacy, we'll discuss all gear rarities and what they mean ...

Hogwarts Legacy has a gear system for constructing your character as you progress through the game. These items of clothing can alter your character's appearance as well as their stats in battles.

All Daedalian Key locations in Hogwarts Legacy

How many gear rarities are there in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can get a total of five levels of gear. You can see which rarity they ate by the color around them in your gear menu.

  • Dark blue – Standard (no magical properties, just cosmetic change)
  • Green – Well-Appointed
  • Blue – Superb
  • Purple – Extraordinary
  • Orange – Legendary

Handwear, Facewear, Headwear, Cloaks and Robes, and Outfit are some of the most common kinds of gear you can find. Each item of gear (outside of Standard) will have its own set of stats and buffs, depending on its configuration.

Which Hogwarts Legacy gear is the best?

The Legendary gear you see in Hogwarts Legacy is the best. These items have trait slot level three, meaning they can have the greatest upgrades. However, to find them, you must complete specific content in the game to get the most out of them.

What to do when your gear slots are full in Hogwarts Legacy are full

Extraordinary is the superior tier after Legendary. These clothing items are solid, but they aren't enough to stand up to their more powerful brothers. If you have anything better to put in, you should always include at least some purple and orange in your loadout.