The 10 Best Genshin Impact TCG Cards Best for Genius Invokation

The 10 Best Genshin Impact TCG Cards Best for Genius Invokation ...

The addition of Genius Invokation to Genshin Impact's meta has provided a breath of fresh air for established players who have long desired more endgame content. With a wide variety of support cards and characters to choose from, the possibilities for creating a powerful deck seem endless — but which cards will lead players to victory?

The most powerful cards from Genshin Impact's new TCG minigame will not be ranked in any particular order. Hoyoverse has made it clear that Genius Invokation will have a lot to offer.

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Aquila Favonia

The Aquila Favonia card is a great match for players who want to increase their attack while simultaneously healing their active character. When your active character receives damage, the Aquila Favonia boosts your attack by 1 while healing the active character by 1 whenever they receive damage.

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Ayaka is one of Genshin Impact's most powerful overworld attackers, so it's no wonder that she's equally powerful in the TCG. Not only does her Elemental Burst allow for continuous Cryo damage during two End Phases, but Ayaka's Passive Skill allows her to administer Cryo injection to the next active character, allowing even non-Cryo characters to receive a Cryo injection for no additional dice cost.


Bennett is an all-around Pyro powerhouse; his Elemental Skill delivers a solid amount of Pyro damage that can be deadly when creating Elemental Reactions, and his Burst provides buffs and healing according to the active character's current HP. Be sure to challenge him at the Cat's Tail to obtain his Character Card.

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Shifting Shifts

This Event Card is an excellent option for TCG enthusiasts who want to quickly switch out their main characters or provoke massive Elemental Reactions. This card will save you 1,2 billion dollars in Dice costs, allowing players to switch their active characters without spending any of their precious Elemental Dice. This can help prolong turns, protect low-HP characters that must be removed from the field.


Chongyun's Elemental Skill makes him extremely valuable in Genshin's overworld gameplay, while his Normal Attacks convert to Cryo, making him a high-value support with a zero-to-no damage output.

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The Crimson Witch of Flames

The two-piece and four-piece set cards are great additions to any player's Genius Invokation deck. Once installed, the Crimson Witch of Flames artifact set will reduce the amount of Pyro dice spent by 1, as well as guaranteeing two Pyro dice with every roll for the rest of the game. However, Crimson Witch is a top pick because it increases the damage of some of the minigame's more accessible characters.

Elemental Resonance cards

The Elemental Resonance card type does consist of a few separate cards, but we're putting them as one entry on this list since most players will only need to add one of them to their deck. With enhancements such as increased shield strength and healing effectiveness, players will want to include Elemental Resonance within their decks to reap all of the benefits of using two characters from the same Elements.

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Chamber of Commerce: Jade

This location card may appear minor, but using it will give players peace of mind during the tedious roll phase. Equipping the Jade Chamber guarantees that two of the dice rolled for the remainder of the game will be the same Element as your active character, which can protect players from any particularly bad rolls.


Liben is a must-have item in any player's deck because of his popularity in the Genshin Impact fan base. Similar to his role in the regular Marvelous Merchandise events, Liben works in transforming trash into treasure; equipping him will discard any unused Elemental Dice at the end of the game's action phase, as well as allowing players to draw an additional two cards.

Xingqiu is a Chinese explorer.

Xingqiu proves to be a supporting staple once again in Genius Invokation. His Elemental Skill allows him to apply Hydro while also reducing the damage taken by the active character by 1. This makes it simple to apply Hydro in a pinch or when the active character doesn't have enough Elemental Dice to use their Skill.