Build Guide for Dark and Darker Cleric Classes

Build Guide for Dark and Darker Cleric Classes ...

The Cleric may be your calling when it comes to Dark and Darker. With the correct build, the Cleric can be a great end-game powerhouse of holy righteousness.

This document is for Playtest #4.

The best Cleric bonuses

Players may add additional bonuses every five levels, up to level 15. This means a total of four perk slots as the initial slot is unlocked upon creating the character, then supplement those perks with future add-ons. The Cleric can however excel in both solo and group play, so which perks you'll want to pick are likely to vary depending on your environment.

1Blunt Weapon MasteryKindness
5Undead SlayingAdvanced Healer
15Advanced HealerPerseverance

If you're playing with one other player, you may want to enhance your damage to bolster your defense against mobs. Undead Slaying is a great combo for both, as it allows the Cleric to specialize against undead foes, of which there are many in Dark and Darker. Brewmaster is an often overlooked bonus — it transforms players into PvP monsters in a melee.

The finest Cleric gear

Due to their congruency of size and weight, heater shields are considered to be the best shields in a slot across all shield-using characters. The Mace or Morning Star is likely to be your best weapons with the heater shield. Larger weapons, such as the War Maul, can offer a lot more power, but the loss of a shield is a major disadvantage in solo and group play. The Spell Book is an easy substitute for its potential buffs.

However, many of this can be tossed to the side in terms of stats. Knowledge is the single most important stat for the Cleric, as it allows the Cleric to use far more spells while in the dungeon. Most Clerics will want to maximize their Knowledge attribute through gear.

Cleric skills at their finest

The following rules for Cleric skills are usually applied upon character creation: Holy Purification (PvE focused) or Judgement (PvP focused) and Spell Memory. Without Spell Memory, the Cleric becomes a weak melee class.

Clerics get a massive AoE strike against all undead creatures within a radius of 7.5 meters, or in the center room of map Crypt 1, where a large treasure horde guards a large treasure horde. Alternatively, Judgement deals fairly quick damage to any players who try to close into melee range against you.

Dark and Darker Cleric spells are at their finest.

Clerics are angry priests when they don't have spells — it's critical to your overall success to pick the right spells for what you're expecting. However, you may prepare additional spells beyond your memory using the Spell Memory Priority function during dungeon diving. This function works so users may enable additional spells while they're out of gear that increases their Knowledge.

Whatever your group composition, the most valuable skill is Lesser Heal, which allows the Cleric to heal a target or self by 15 HP, although it's best used to supplement the health of your front line in between battles. If you're in a group, Resurrection can keep saving an entire party, without needing to find a well-guarded Altar of Sacrifice.

With a low Cost, Divine Strike increases damage dramatically, and Holy Light heals allies or sends an incredible 100 damage to an undead target. Combined with the skill Holy Purification, players can send out 200 damage with little ramp-up, although it's only used once.