How to Finish The High Keep in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Finish The High Keep in Hogwarts Legacy ...

The High Keep is a major story quest you'll embark on in Hogwarts Legacy. It can be a challenging endeavor because it requires you to complete many little puzzles as you attempt to climb a ruined castle with your classmate, Natty. You'll need to use a wide variety of spells to explore this location and discover the dark truth about what's happening.

How to Do The High Keep in Hogwarts Legacy

After meeting with Natty, you'll need to climb the battlements on the castle's right side, away from the main gate. The first jump should be fine, but getting to the third level will be problematic.

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Climbing the High Keep Battlements

The Depulso spell will open a small door to the left of your can that you can open with the large lever. This should reveal a crate on the other side.

The crate must be removed from this room. You may do this by using the Accio spell and using this spell until it's out in the open.

The next spell you need to use is Wingardium Leviosa, which will allow you to place the crate in front of the large gap. Unfortunately, this will not take you to the third level. There's one more spell you need to use, which will cause the crate to levitate off the ground. You may now throw yourself onto the crate and reach the second section.

How do I open the main entrance?

The next step is to open the main entrance for Natty to also enter. Follow the main pathway all the way around until you reach the other side. You will need to remove the box from the wall to use Accio.

The next step involves the Depulso spell. You must use it on the gate lever. Repeat this several times in a row until the gate reaches the top of the room.

Use Accio on the exposed ring, and keep the gate from falling back down. Natty should be able to enter the building, and you may continue the quest.

The next part of the quest is relatively straightforward. You'll be following Natty forward and discovering that Poachers have captured several Hippogriffs and are attempting to dispose of them. Continue, and it'll be another crate on the other side of a wall. Press it from here, then use Wingardium Leviosa to bring it to the broken stairs.

Once you've got it down, start using Levioso again and have it float so you may go to the next area, on the roof.

This next section will feature a wide array of enemies for you to fight against. Some of them will be using shields, so make sure to have a wide array of spells at your disposal. If you're careful and use the Disillusionment charm, you can sneak up behind them to take them out without a fight.

After defeating the Poachers, open up the level one lock in this area, and continue climbing the tower. Other Poachers can amass you, but your path is very straightforward at this point.

When you reach the top, a cutscene will be played out, and you will have completed the quest with Natty.