How to Finish Hogwarts Legacy's Venomous Revenge

How to Finish Hogwarts Legacy's Venomous Revenge ...

While playing Hogwarts Legacy, you can find him muttering to himself behind The Three Broomsticks. He wants you to assist him in his attempt to retaliate against his business partner, Alfred Lawley. The two ended their lives on bad terms. You may choose two paths to get the answers you need in Hogwarts Legacy.

Should you assist Ackley Barnes in his attempt to seize his business partner in Hogwarts Legacy?

When it comes to Ackley Barnes, you have two choices. Both involve helping him acquire a Venomous Tentacular.

The first option you can choose is to assist Ackley Barnes in his disappearance. He'll ask you to find his partner's cellar, which should be just north of The Three Broomsticks. Once you've got there, you may descend the stairs.

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Lawley will be down there when you enter the cellar. You will need to use the Disillusionment charm to sneak past him and make your way into the basement. There should be a guide guide you to where you can find the Venomous Tentacular. It will be behind the locked entrance.

Continue down the path, deeper into the basement. We recommend keeping your character's Disillusionment charm, as there will be several spiders out of the ground in the next area. You can either sneak past them or battle them.

Turn to the left to find the Venomous Tentacular, and you may now return it to Barnes. You may freely give it to him or ask him to reimburse you for your time. If you ask him to pay you, he accepts your decision and gives you Galleons for your troubles.

What happens if you don't assist Ackley Barnes in Hogwarts Legacy?

The alternative to helping Ackley Barnes is to choose not to steal from Alfred Lawley. You will need a Venomous Tentacula that isn't stolen from Lawley in the north part of Hogsmeade, or you can grow one yourself. When you have it, return it to Barnes and present it to him. This should fool him, and you may still complete the quest.