How do I sell Hogwarts Legacy gear?

How do I sell Hogwarts Legacy gear? ...

As you progress through Hogwarts Legacy, you will collect many items that you will want to keep and others that you will want to get rid of. Unless you want to keep them all, it is best to get rid of unwanted gear, even if it's for the purpose of getting some extra Galleons. After all, you'll need all of the Galleons you can get to buy school supplies and the gear you need to keep you safe. This guide will walk you through selling gear in Hogwar

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you get rid of gear?

Hogwarts Legacy is stuffed with weapons that you will eventually equip on your character to give them an advantage in battle. Gear increases your offensive and defensive abilities so that you may be able to dodge those dark wizards and poachers faster. Plus, the additional Galleons don't hurt.

How to Improve Gear and Give These Characters in Hogwarts Legacy

When you have too many items and do not have the inventory space to sell all of them, you will need to sell some of your gear. It's very simple to get rid of items as soon as you discover your first shop in Hogsmeade. You will go to Hogsmeade during your first day of class once you have completed both Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

When you need to sell some items, go to any of the shops marked with a spool of Galleons. Talk to the shop owner and press the enter key on your controller to proceed to the sell menu. Each rarity of gear sells for a different price, with green-colored gear being the least valuable and orange-colored gear being the most valuable. On PlayStation, this button defaults to A; on Xbox, it defaults to B.