In Hogwarts Legacy, all house differences are negligible

In Hogwarts Legacy, all house differences are negligible ...

The Sorting Hat Ceremony in Hogwarts Legacy involves matching your answers to four different houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. Of course, you may already know which house you'd like to belong to. But does it make any difference in the long run?

Hogwarts Legacy Questions and Answers Related to All Sorting Hat

What are the differences between the four houses in Hogwarts Legacy?

  • Your common room will be different: each house has its own common room, just like in the books and movies. However, each one is distinct and in a separate location.
  • Your house colors: most cloaks, broomsticks, and other accessories will bear your house crest and colors.
  • Hufflepuff can visit Azkaban: there is a unique and exclusive side quest for Hufflepuff, “Prisoner of Love,” which allows you to visit the Azkaban prison once.
  • House Crest: Lion
  • Decoration and garment colors: red and gold
  • Common Room Location: South Wing, right past the lady in pink portrait
  • Fellow students: Garreth Weasley, Nellie Oggspire, and Cressida Blume
  • Companion: Natasi Onai
  • Perks: Satisfy your main character complex.
  • House Crest: Snake
  • Decoration and garment colors: green and silver
  • Common Room location: below the Grand Staircase
  • Fellow students: Ominis Gaunt, Imelda Reyes, and Sebastian Sallow
  • Companion: Sebastian Sallow
  • Perks: Fully savor that Dark Arts magic user feeling.
  • House Crest: Eagle
  • Decoration and garment colors: blue and bronze
  • Common Room location: one of the Grand Staircase towers
  • Fellow students: Duncan Everett Clopton, Samantha Dare, and Amit Thakkar
  • Companion: Amit Thakkar
  • Perks: Enjoy the early exploration boost, or stay in and get comfy in the best-looking common room.

Is Ravenclaw less quest content in Hogwarts Legacy?

  • House Crest: Badger
  • Decoration and garment colors: yellow and black
  • Common Room location: near the Great Hall’s kitchens
  • Fellow students: Adelaide Oakes, Authur Plummly, and Lenora Everleigh
  • Companion: Poppy Sweeting
  • Perks: Midnight snacks. Also, enjoy your exclusive tour of Azkaban.