In Dark and Darker, how do you find the Goblin Merchant?

In Dark and Darker, how do you find the Goblin Merchant? ...

The fourth alpha playtest for Dark and Darker involved significant changes to the first-person fantasy dungeon crawler. One significant change cryptically listed a change to the Goblin Merchant, one of the many merchants with which the player can trade.

When does the playtest for Dark and Darker conclude?

In Dark and Darker, where is the Goblin Merchant?

In this latest playtest, the Goblin Merchant has received a significant upgrade. According to the official patch notes, he will now sell "mysterious items" and is available at all times in the Travelers & Merchants menu.

The Goblin Merchant now allows players to buy unidentified items in the hopes of receiving a superior and high-quality piece of gear in this latest build of Dark and Darker. Diablo series fans should be aware of this feature as much as once.

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To try your luck with the Goblin Merchant, click on the Travelers & Merchants tab and look for the glowing portrait you'll come to know and hopefully love. Ideally, click on the Deal button below his mug to see his current assortment of five unidentified items. Each item sold by the Goblin Merchant costs 75 gold.

When you choose a weapon or a specific type of gear for a slot in the Goblin Merchant, you'll see the base item in the buy menu (for example, a Ranger Hood), so you'll at least know if you're getting it for a slot. Or perhaps you'll get an incredible item with excellent in-slot-worthy stats, or maybe it'll just be a gray-quality piece of junk. Go to the Trading Post with it and hope to recover your losses.