In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you win at Summoners Court?

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you win at Summoners Court? ...

Hogwarts Legacy classes aren't always about studying; some will require you to complete valuable lessons in enjoyable minigames. The first minigame you'll encounter within the magical school is the Summoner's Court, which can be accessed through your first Charms class with Professor Ronen.

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In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you overcome Summoner's Court opponents?

To win at Summoner's Court, you will need to position yourself in an unobstructed position that allows you to see your ball from the outside. Once your ball reaches the initial part of the green field, release your spellcasting trigger to decelerate the ball's momentum. This will almost always result in your ball reaching the 50 point blue field.

With sufficient practice, Summoner's Court side quests require you to keep yourself a clear line of sight while timing your releases right.

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The match against Prewett will not be as easy as your very first encounter against Natsai Onai due to the addition of more obstacles. This means you'll have to place yourself in the right places while timing your Accio spellcast just right to avoid the blockers.