What is Gold Star in Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 1?

What is Gold Star in Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 1? ...

We must stop and think about the horrific Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 finale on Paramount+. How can we not? The conclusion of episode 10 raises a lot of questions about this strange organization, especially when it comes to knowing that one Elias Voit has about it.

What exactly is this group, and how does it contribute to the series' future? There are at least a few things worth mentioning here...

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Let's first and foremost acknowledge that Gold Star has some government connections, given that the AG, Bailey, and Rebecca seem to be aware of it. However, Voit does it for the reason that Bailey attempted to speak with Elias independently (RIP Bailey), and it's also apparent why someone is coming in to speak with Voit alone, following his capture.

The most straightforward explanation for Gold Star's existence is that Elias has discovered something about it for whatever reason. It could be a failed experiment, or it might be a government program that is super-concerned about being exposed if Voit ever goes on the witness stand. It is one of the reasons we wouldn't be surprised if he was mysteriously murdered prior to going on trial.

This does feel like a compelling and very different kind of mystery that we might see unfold in season 2 — and we’re already excited that there is a foundation for it!

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Jessica BunBun contributed to this article.