Spencer Reid is returning to Criminal Minds: Evolution in Season 2?

Spencer Reid is returning to Criminal Minds: Evolution in Season 2? ...

Spencer Reid is returning to Paramount+ for another season of Criminal Minds: Evolution? At this point, it is reasonable to ask why!

All you need to do is look at the closing minutes of the episode. We saw a mystery person enter the room to interview a captured Elias Voit. Given all the security we had, this is obviously someone that is hugely important, and there may be connections already with them and the super-mysterious organization Gold Star.


Spencer Reid might be the most popular suspect in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1, according to a teased finale. This was clearly filmed in a way that implied that this mystery arrival was worthwhile to wait for season 2 to uncover further.

It's possible that Reid is working with a political leader or someone else who requires it! There is absolutely no evidence that he has ever taken on a political position or some other sort of position similar to that, and honestly, that wouldn't quite fit the character's profile.

Is it possible that instead of Reid, this is someone like Simmons, a Morgan (given Shemar Moore's SWAT schedule, it's unlikely that he'll remain for long), or even a Hotch, depending on how unlikely that may be? Naturally, the producers wanted us to be discussing this, so with that in mind, the project was completed!

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