Is Rhys the Eat the Rich Killer in YOU Season 4 Episode 5?

Is Rhys the Eat the Rich Killer in YOU Season 4 Episode 5? ...

Let's rejoice that we got some answers — and plenty of them!

The Eat the Rich Killer was the real culprit for a time when Joe was harassing and tormenting everyone. As a matter of fact, they knew that Jonathan Moore was really Joe Goldberg.

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In the first part of season 4, there were hints that Rhys was actually the killer — he was different from most of his super-rich pals, but it wasn't something that Joe was willing to entertain at first. But as Roald hunted down "Jonathan," everything began to change. Rhys announced himself, and he announced his candidacy for Mayor. (The main reason we saw Rhys coming is because Ed Speleers is so skilled at playing dangerous characters in Outlander.

We anticipate that a large part of the story will revolve around Joe doing whatever he can to ensure that he doesn't kill anyone else. This is resonating with him, even to the extent that he was able to avoid some of Kate's advances later on.

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Jessica BunBun wrote this article.