Season 9 episode 2 spoilers for The Flash: Who is the new Caitlin?

Season 9 episode 2 spoilers for The Flash: Who is the new Caitlin? ...

Danielle Panabaker is back in The Flash Season 9, but is she reprising Caitlin Snow or Killer Frost? Not exactly. This is a completely new person she is assuming on, but someone who is there for a very definite reason.

Following the premiere of Deadline last night, showrunner Eric Wallace made it abundantly clear that there will be a lot of things to explore with this character, and you won't have to wait long to get some answers:

Danielle Panabaker's character says, "I am not Frost and I am not Caitlin." The question then becomes not only who is this person, but why is she here right now? I've told her that her character is so integral to the series finale when we face the final big bad facing Central City in our final episode. She's going on a journey of self discovery.

Danielle made it a point to bring her back following the events of last season, just as it makes sense to include as many other alumni as possible in the remaining episodes. So much of the next season should really be viewed as a love letter to many fans who stuck with the series through thick and wide — and, of course, it extends beyond The Flash into the greater Arrowverse?

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