One Ocean Closer to Destiny, Season 1 Episode 6 Tease in 1923

One Ocean Closer to Destiny, Season 1 Episode 6 Tease in 1923 ...

As we prepare for the 6th season of 1923, we will share information as best we can. That includes courtesy of a new episode title: "One Ocean Closer to Destiny."

What does that mean? Some titles in the Paramount+ series have been historical, while others have been somewhat metaphorical. This time, though, we don't think it's that difficult to figure out.

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So what is going on here? We tend to think a lot of it is pretty clear: Spencer Dutton and Alex are going to continue their journey across the Atlantic and to Montana, where the ranch desperately needs Jacob and Cara's nephew. Unfortunately, it is very clear at this point how dangerous that may be.

For the time being, we're optimistic that some good news will be on the way for these characters. To eliminate two prominent Duttons within a few episodes would be a disaster; or, to spend so much time on this complicated journey back from Africa for Spencer only to see him killed.

What is the good news? Evidently, the ranch will survive to the days of Yellowstone. The real issue is how many characters will end up joining the journey.

More information about 1923, as well as other suggestions for what to come, are available on this page.

What do you think of the title if it is? Leave your thoughts and ideas here! Once you complete everything, keep an eye on the site for more updates.