Velma Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled over at HBO Max?

Velma Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled over at HBO Max? ...

What can we expect from HBO Max's Velma season 2 renewal today, following the conclusion of season 1? Or, are we at the end of the road?

Let's just say that this situation is a bit complicated to put it mildly. Mindy Kaling's animated series has been overwhelmingly negative, and beyond that, the streaming service barely promoted the program until it was launched. However, the first couple of episodes did generate a lot of interest, although this may have been the motivation for curiosity more than anything else.

The thing that would really determine Velma's future more than any other thing is whether or not people actually stuck with the program after the premiere, which can be a really difficult thing to piece together or figure out! With that, you are certainly not implying that anything here will be repeated for at least a little while longer moving forward.

What we'd like to see more than a season 2 of is a new Scooby-Doo program that might bridge the gap between the classic cartoons and what we saw in Velma. Is there a way to make something that does evolve the characters and feels more adult, without giving into some of the old rules of animated series? It's a surprise, considering that Velma has one of the most tested and proven IPs out there.

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