The return date for Season 5 episode 9 of Yellowstone: What's next?

The return date for Season 5 episode 9 of Yellowstone: What's next? ...

After some recent headlines, we don't blame you. A bombshell report came out earlier this week that Kevin Costner may either depart the show or, that Yellowstone as we know it might end outright.

For the time being, everything seems to be in a certain state of flux about the timing for the recent Golden Globe winner. The initial reports about the show's ending were early in the week, but now, everything is suddenly quiet. As a result, we do tend to believe there are still more questions to be asked.

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Is there a clear answer to this? There are still discussions behind the scenes. It does seem to offer a bit of a paradigm shift here, at least in the sense of this stuff being publicly available. It's possible that there's been more pressure now to get something done or to redirect the series in another direction.

Although Paramount Network has already announced that Yellowstone will be returning for the remainder of season 5 in the summer, don't be surprised if things do still change or change. At this point, we can just wait and hope for the best! Even without Costner, we know the franchise as a whole will move forward at some point.

Why is there a possibility of a delay in the future?

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