The first episode of Harley Quinn season 4 of HBO Max is slated for January

The first episode of Harley Quinn season 4 of HBO Max is slated for January ...

What can we say about a Harley Quinn season 4 premiere date following today's Valentine's Day special on HBO Max?

The first thing that we can say here is that you will see more of the animated series moving forward. This was something a lot of people weren't sure we'd get in advance, and for a good reason! Given all of the changes at HBO Max and also DC Studios, it's easy to argue that this should've been pushed to the wayside.

Just because we know there will be a season 4 coming soon, does not mean it will be released anytime soon. Odds are, we are still several months away from a premiere, let alone an announcement for that premiere. Here's a reasonably decent possibility we'll get another announcement some time in the spring.

Is there a possibility that season 4 of the series will come to an end, given that there is a certain fear out there for all the reasons we've stated above, but we'd rather skip this section of the series without making any assumptions in any way or another. As long as the quality remains good and the series is entertaining, why would you want to leave it there anyway?

Let's just hope there will be more updates soon in some way or another...

When do you think we'll see it? Be sure to include it right now in the comments! Once you have done just that, please go back; there are other great updates you won't want to miss. (Photo: HBO Max.)