The premiere date for season 10 of When Calls the Heart has been changed

The premiere date for season 10 of When Calls the Heart has been changed ...

When it comes to When Calls the Heart Season 10, it has become clear to us that expectations are changing. In the beginning, it appeared that new episodes of the series would be coming in the spring, but now, it's abundantly clear that this will be summer.

Only this, but by "summer," we are specifically referring to late July. When it comes to what the Hallmark Channel is doing, there isn't a whole lot of mystery.

We think there is still time to raise some more questions, and that includes when the actual season date will be announced. Is there something specific to hope for?

When we thought When Calls the Heart would be back in the spring, it felt like an announcement was right around the corner. Unfortunately, that does mean that season 10 will be released in late May or early June unless the cable network has mercy on us and decides to give us a little bit sooner — which they might, in order to make the wait a little less painful.

Only they know this for certain, but we've already speculated that they may use the spring to expand some of their new programs, ones that may benefit more from this particular slot.

While we wait, here are some additional information on what will be released.

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