The premiere date for Season 7 of Outlander: How flexible is Starz?

The premiere date for Season 7 of Outlander: How flexible is Starz? ...

We know that so many of us are currently in a desperate state for an Outlander season 7 premiere date, and it'd be great to hear more information on it soon!

Unfortunately, we are aware at this point that we will be waiting for some time to get any further information on this, and the only advice we can offer you is to be patient for at least a while longer. More information might be available in April or May, especially if the series returns in the summer.

Let's go ahead and raise the next big question: how flexible is the network with this premiere date? They've already announced an approximate date, but they've certainly left the door open for a variety of reasons.

1. Friday or Sunday? – As of late, a number of Starz programs have started airing in a different time slot — why not do that with Outlander, too? Even if the regular airing is saved for Sunday, we could easily see it premiere on the app on Fridays.

The rest of the schedule – We tend to think that the Caitriona Balfe / Sam Heughan series will not be back until some other hits are either over or nearing their end. In particular, we are talking here about the upcoming season of Power Book IV: Force, which might premiere as early as May. They may choose whether or not to launch this one early or late during that show.

3. How to Split Up the Season -In the Past, we've wondered if the sixteen-episode season would be broken up into chunks of eight and, on paper, it makes the most sense... or does it? The truth here is that Starz can choose to do whatever they want here, and they have a certain degree of power.

Why isn't Outlander on Starz returning sooner?

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