Is Law & Order still available on NBC tonight, with season 22 episode 14?

Is Law & Order still available on NBC tonight, with season 22 episode 14? ...

Is Law & Order coming to NBC tonight? It's unlikely to come as a surprise, but we'd like to see more of this story as soon as possible.

Let's just say this is a different story altogether. The flagship show has aired several times recently, but unfortunately, it's no longer on air tonight. We'll get to see it again when we get around to February 16, and we'll know there'll be another episode on February 23.

Do you want to know more about both of these stories? Then please see the Law & Order season 22 episode 14 and 15 synopsis below:

Season 22 episode 14, "Heroes," aired on Wednesday, 02/16/2023 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) : Cosgrove and Shaw suspect the shooting spree was a ruse to target a single victim. When security footage mysteriously disappears, Price and Maroun must rely on a witness who values his reputation over the facts.

Cosgrove and Shaw must unravel a string of fraudulent crime reports to uncover the truth about a well-known doctor's murder. When Shaw files a lawsuit against two patrol officers, he is subjected to retaliation.

We can only assume that the latter title is a reference to Las Vegas Fear and Loathing, and we'll see what transpires here from start to finish. The Shaw tale might be the most interesting, since he continues to strive to do the right thing as a cop even when, unfortunately, other people in his profession are not interested in doing the same thing.

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Jessica BunBun wrote this article.