Is Greys Anatomy, Station 19 coming to ABC tonight, February 9?

Is Greys Anatomy, Station 19 coming to ABC tonight, February 9? ...

Is Grey's Anatomy coming to ABC tonight, along with Station 19? We don't think it's a surprise that we'd like more of these programs now that we're in the month of February, especially since there have been reports that these two programs would return for a while.

Unfortunately, there will be more bad news out there: The medical drama and its spin-off will be on hiatus until Thursday, February 23. Both programs will return on Thursday, February 23. In the case of their timeslot companion Alaska Daily, the program will be renewed for the remainder of the season.

What will happen within the Grey's Anatomy universe? If you haven't heard yet, the next episode for the Ellen Pompeo series will be her last. The title for that episode is "I'll Follow the Sun," and the synopsis below provides further information.

The doctors prepare a brief goodbye surprise for Meredith, and Nick confronts her about their future. The interns compete to perform a groundbreaking procedure, and Richard asks Teddy an important question.

Natürlich, we should note that there will be a lot of programming without Meredith, and the challenge here will be convincing people to keep watching after the fact.

We have already seen some previews that make it (somewhat) clear what will happen next in Station 19 — a life-or-death situation for one Maya Bishop! Of course, we remain hopeful that she will pass this task in one piece. However, there are no guarantees.

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