The premiere date for Ted Lasso's third season 3: What's the big secret?

The premiere date for Ted Lasso's third season 3: What's the big secret? ...

We don't think it comes as a surprise that there is some extraordinary demand for a Ted Lasso season 3 premiere date. Why should Apple TV+ not just release some good news?

We certainly hope that it will happen over the next few weeks, mostly because there appears to be no real value in keeping this secret. Even if we're not entirely sure that the streamer has already told anyone about it, the cast and crew may know something!

What the rest of the AFC Richmond crew are missing out on at this point is a chance to create some legitimate buzz around what might very well be the most important show on their roster. There's a way to keep people chatting about it for at least a reasonable length of time, and not really the good king. Instead, everyone is still fascinated by when the series will return.

Season 3 will be released in the spring, and it goes without saying that we're grateful to have this information. However, do you think that doesn't prevent us from wanting more? We'd be foolish to accept all information that we have right now.

At this point, chances are, we'll be seeing the program before the end of April... ant that brings us back to our major concern. We're in February. Why should we keep the information hidden?

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