Tulsa King Season 2: Showrunner resigns; what do you think?

Tulsa King Season 2: Showrunner resigns; what do you think? ...

We are aware of a significant shift as we prepare for Tulsa King season 2 at Paramount+ on the way.

What are we talking about in particular? Think about showrunner Terence Winter's departure. According to Deadline, the Boardwalk Empire alum will remain an executive producer, but will no longer lead the show's daily operations as he did for the first season. This means that the Taylor Sheridan series starring Sylvester Stallone will need to hire someone new.

Who might be the culprit? We can certainly rule out Sheridan as a character in his other works. He may still be involved in the development of the scripts and the overall story, but he is far too busy to handle day-to-day operations despite his other projects. There's just not a lot of room for more responsibility here!

The search for season 2 of Paramount+ is expected to go ahead for several weeks, although this is unlikely to go long enough. After all, the longer this goes, the harder it will be to get season 2 on the streaming service anytime soon. It may not always be possible, but we tend to think that they want to pull it off when it is feasible at the end of the day.

While there may be some story changes that can be accommodated by a new showrunner, we're not expecting anything too drastic — the goal is to delight those who are already watching!

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