Is there a new Starz version tonight of BMF? More on season 2 episode 6

Is there a new Starz version tonight of BMF? More on season 2 episode 6 ...

Is there any new Starz content tonight? If you are anticipating a second dive into Meech and Terry's world on Starz in the near future, we can't help but think that there's a lot of great stuff coming our way.

This is where we do have to give you the opportunity to take a breather this week. Mostly due to the presence of the Super Bowl this weekend, we will be waiting till Friday, February 16 to see it again. It's also quite standard for Starz shows to take a week off at some point in their season. We've seen it happen elsewhere.

So what can we tell you to keep you glued to season 2 episode 6? It will feature Meech and Terry back in Detroit, ready to expand their business further. Of course, whether or not they will be able to do so remains to be seen.

Want to know more? Then go ahead and view the whole season 2 episode 6 synopsis here:

Meech and Terry return to Detroit from Atlanta with a new method to engulf the streets with BMF fertilizer. Meech joins Sterling and the PA Boys to continue his quest to kill Lamar.

Rest assured that even after this break, there will still be a lot of stuff to be enjoyed! For sure, there will be a lot of drama, but also more episodes in the already-renewed third season. We know there are plans for spin-offs, as well, and we're excited to see what comes with that.

For the time being, just get ready for a very entertaining and action-packed adventure...

Be sure to include all of your thoughts and expectations in the comments! Once you have done that, remember to keep coming back for more updates. (Photo: Starz.)