The Alice and Sean story from Season 1 of Shrinking?

The Alice and Sean story from Season 1 of Shrinking? ...

Jimmy is suddenly faced with another obstacle as we prepare for the fifth season of Shrinking on Apple TV+ later in the future. It's certainly not one that he anticipated.

This is a video from this week, in which his daughter Alice referred to Sean as "beautiful" as she watched him sleep on the couch. He knows this is a guy who has already broken almost every ethical norm when it comes to his patients — he's got Sean living with him! That's without even mentioning how much he's made it impossible for Sean to confess about the time that he served overseas.

Take a look at the entire Shrinking season 1 episode 5 synopsis to get a little more insight on what lies ahead:

Jimmy doesn't have Paul to consult for assistance when he encounters Sean. Brian makes an announcement about his relationship.

Why is Jason Segel's character so averse to Paul? Well, a good part of it has to do with him going against most of his recommendations and, quite possibly, putting the entire therapy practice in jeopardy. Things are already pretty messed up, and they may become even more so by the end of this season!

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