Mythical Wishes: Best Love Cup: Great League Edition Team in Pokemon GO Season 9

Mythical Wishes: Best Love Cup: Great League Edition Team in Pokemon GO Season 9 ...

Lickitung, Medicham, and Alomomola are the best battle teams to use in the Pokemon GO Love Cup: Great League Edition.

This trio of Pokemon keeps both attack and defense balanced, and allows you to defeat almost all of the meta selections for the Love Cup!

Allerdings, these aren't the only powerful Pokemon that can lead you to victory in the Love Cup.

Check out the table below to see which Pokemon you should use in the Love Cup: Great League Edition as well as their strongest attacks.

PokemonImageTypeFast AttackCharged Attacks
Medicham (XL)Fighting/PsychicCounterPower-Up PunchPsychic
CharizardFire/FlyingWing AttackDragon ClawBlast Burn
Lickitung (XL)NormalLickBody SlamPower Whip
AriadosBug/PoisonPoison StingCross PoisonLunge
ScraftyDark/FightingCounterFoul PlayPower-Up Punch
AlomomolaWaterWaterfallPsychicHydro Pump
LurantisGrassFury CutterLeaf BladeSuperpower
MagcargoFire/RockIncinerateOverheatRock Tomb
SeakingWaterPoison JabIcy Wind Drill Run
Galarian SlowbroPoison/PsychicPoison JabPsychicSludge Bomb

The Pokemon with a (XL) next to their name need XL candy to power up to the CP limit. Here's how to get XL candy quickly in Pokemon GO!

Even if you don't need XL Candy, you'll still want to power up your Pokemon before putting them in a fight. Find out how to boost the Candy you earn in Pokemon GO so you can power them up quicker!

Love Cup in Pokemon GO: Great League Edition Rules

Trainers who compete in the Love Cup: Great League Edition must choose their Pokemon battle team, according to the following two rules:

  • Pokemon must be 1500 CP or below can be selected
  • Only red or pink Pokemon can be selected

Choosing red and pink Pokemon might seem simple, but it's not always clear, especially with Pokemon that are different colors! Below you'll find a list of all of the eligible red and pink Pokemon.

In Season 9, changing up your team will allow you to find your favorite Pokemon for the Love Cup and help you earn all of the GO Battle League rewards!

The Love Cup's List of Red Pokemon

In the Love Cup, Pokemon trainers may use the following 74 red Pokemon:

  • Accelgor
  • Ariados
  • Bisharp
  • Blaziken
  • Braixen
  • Braviary
  • Burmy (Trash Cloak)
  • Camerupt
  • Carvanha
  • Castform (Sunny Form)
  • Charizard
  • Charmander
  • Charmeleon
  • Combusken
  • Corphish
  • Crawdaunt
  • Crustle
  • Darmanitan
  • Darumaka
  • Deerling (Autumn Form)
  • Delibird
  • Delphox
  • Druddigon
  • Dwebble
  • Electrode
  • Emboar
  • Fennekin
  • Flareon
  • Fletchinder
  • Fletchling
  • Goldeen
  • Heatmor
  • Jynx
  • Kingler
  • Krabby
  • Kricketot
  • Kricketune
  • Krookodile
  • Ledian
  • Ledyba
  • Magby
  • Magcargo
  • Magikarp
  • Magmar
  • Magmortar
  • Medicham
  • Octillery
  • Pansear
  • Paras
  • Parasect
  • Pawniard
  • Pignite
  • Porygon2
  • Porygon-Z
  • Rotom
  • Scizor
  • Scolipede
  • Scrafty
  • Seaking
  • Shelmet
  • Simisear
  • Slugma
  • Solrock
  • Talonflame
  • Tepig
  • Throh
  • Torchic
  • Venipede
  • Vileplume
  • Voltorb
  • Voltorb (Hisuian)
  • Wormadam (Trash Cloak)
  • Wurmple
  • Yanma

Pink Pokemon for the Love Cup List

In the Love Cup, Pokemon trainers may choose from the following 42 pink Pokemon:

  • Alomomola
  • Aromatisse
  • Audino
  • Blissey
  • Chansey
  • Cherrim (Sunshine Form)
  • Cherubi
  • Clefable
  • Clefairy
  • Cleffa
  • Corsola
  • Deerling (Spring Form)
  • Exeggcute
  • Flaaffy
  • Gorebyss
  • Happiny
  • Hoppip
  • Igglybuff
  • Jigglypuff
  • Lickilicky
  • Lickitung
  • Luvdisc
  • Milotic
  • Miltank
  • Mime Jr.
  • Mr. Mime
  • Munna
  • Musharna
  • Porygon
  • Skitty
  • Slowbro
  • Slowbro (Galarian)
  • Slowking
  • Slowking (Galarian)
  • Slowpoke
  • Slowpoke (Galarian)
  • Smoochum
  • Snubbull
  • Spritzee
  • Sylveon

During the 2023 Pokemon GO Valentine's Day event, you can catch a lot of these pink and red Pokemon as part of the wild Pokemon spawns!

When does the Pokemon GO Love Cup: Great League Edition begin and end?

The Love Cup: Great League Edition will run from February 9 to February 16, 2023. This is part of the Pokemon GO 2023 Valentine's Day event.

The other competition active at this time is the Ultra League, according to the Season 9: Mythical Wishes GO Battle League schedule.

If you want to get a chance at it as well, make sure you know the best Ultra League battle team to use in Pokemon GO!