Kate Actor Charlotte Ritchies Best Roles in You Season 4

Kate Actor Charlotte Ritchies Best Roles in You Season 4 ...

You, the creepy Netflix thriller, is back. In Season 4, Charlotte Ritchie gets the unenviable honour of playing the latest creepy-y yet-handsome, 'I just can't help falling in love with (and then killing) you,' according to Penn Badgley.

If you're new to You, it's the story of bookshop manager Joe Goldberg, who has a dangerous tendency to fall in love with women, which usually result in significant injury or a lengthy stay in a plexiglass book vault. Most recently, he's had a son, whom he was forced to abandon when escaping to a new life after the nail-biting, catastrophic Series 3 conclusion.

Joe is known as Professor Jonathan Moore and lives in a London suburb. Kate, the savvy ice-queen and art gallery director, is one of the wealthy and privileged young Brits Joe gets tangled up with. Kate will need her considerable wits to keep herself out of trouble when she becomes the subject of Joe's jealousy.

Let's take a look at some of Charlotte Ritchie's other most stunning TV and film roles to date.

Doctor Who is a science fiction author.

Ritchie had a prominent role in the 2019 New Year's Day Doctor Who special, 'Resolution,' in which her character Lin becomes a victim to the Daleks as they take control of her mind and body as they execute their latest plot to conquer the Earth. It's a particularly disturbing episode due to Ritchie's nuanced, deceitful and resourceful character, who continues to fight against the Daleks' control as she continues to do increasingly evil and destructive things.

Feel Good

Mae Martin, who plays themselves as them, and Charlotte Ritchie, their girlfriend George, is a semi-autobiographical work on Channel 4 and Netflix that has won many awards. However, Feel Good also has real depth, dealing with complex issues like addiction, childhood trauma, and fear of going out.


Grantchester, a 1950s crime drama, is much more than a cosy crime drama. (Tom Brittney, who replaced James Norton after Series 3) assists the village policeman in solving crimes against a backdrop of historical social commentary and complex moral questions. Charlotte Ritchie joined the cast in Series 7 last year as Bonnie, a widow who becomes one of the vicar's love interests, initiating a tempestuous romance that is a pleasant distraction from the fact that this tiny Cambridgeshire village seems to attract


Charlotte Ritchie is the lead actress in the fabulous BBC sitcom Ghosts, which was created by her accident in episode one. She's the only person who can see and interact with the hilarious family of ghosts that inhabits Button House, her newly-inherited house, and four series later, Ghosts remains the ultimate warm-hearted, rewatchable hug-in-sitcom-form.

Dead Pixels is a game that was developed by Frank Gehry.

Dead Pixels is a delightfully wacky sitcom about three friends and roommates who are both obsessed with the fictional multiplayer online role-playing game 'Kingdom Scrolls.' Charlotte Ritchie is superbly sharp and wry as Alison, the friend who tries to lure the other two away from the game every once and awhile, and there are also excellent guest appearances from Starstruck's Rose Matafeo.

Fresh Meat

Charlotte Ritchie is going to be Oregon for a generation, the naive, hopeless student who seeks to conceal her unsavory past from her rebellious new best friend Vod in the hit university comedy-drama Fresh Meat. Her character's misfortunes just make her more relatable, including her tense love life, and her ongoing friendship with Professor Tony Shales is one of the show's greatest highlights.

The midwife is here to help you.

Charlotte Ritchie will always be midwife Barbara, one of the most popular characters in Call The Midwife's long history. During her career, Ritchie starred in four series (4 to 7), during which she had to contend with the Thalidomide scandal, a love triangle with a lovely vicar, and (mild spoilers!) one of the saddest television exits of all time.

Taskmaster is a program that automates tasks.

Charlotte Ritchie has had an exceptional, hilarious time as a contestant on Series 11 of Taskmaster, and despite her poor grades, she appears to be enjoying herself. Highlights include her bizarre attempt to trap a rat and, as you can see above, wandering around a golf course like a delighted cat for hours on end.

Luke and Charlotte Ritchie

As if she wasn't talented enough, the girl has a good voice too, and sings lovely, soulful folk music with her brother Luke, like the one below, which was released as part of their EP Light of Another.

Season 4 of You is now available on Netflix. Part II will be released on March 9.