In Its Wild Fourth Season, You Go Full Glass Onion

In Its Wild Fourth Season, You Go Full Glass Onion ...

You Season 4 Part 1 and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery are contained in this article.

White Lotus Season 2, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery) is the rage right now, as Joe (Penn Badgley) finds himself enmeshed with a group of London's disgraced elites who happen to have a mystery killer in their midst. It's odd that Joe continues to be surrounded by trust fund babies, tech billionaires, and Instagram influencers, but it's always fun to hear his innermost thoughts as he takes humorous photos of what

After the season 3 finale, Joe, who is now Jonathan Moore, has left his old lover Marianne on her way back to Paris and fished his way to a position as a professor of literature at the fictional Darcy College. It's appropriate that the college is named after one of the most desirable bachelors in literature.

Joe has settled into a routine of teaching classes before returning to his warm rented flat at night to — what else? — spy on Malcolm (Stephen Hagan) and Kate (Charlotte Ritchie). After an absinthe-soaked night on the town, Joe wakes to discover Malcolm's dead body in his apartment, with no memory of how it happened. Soon after, he receives texts from the killer, teasing him about his past.

The hunter becomes the hunted in a delightful twist that enlivens the fourth installment of the series. Joe's trademark shifty eyes and mysterious smile serve as shields against a foe that would threaten to devour him. Here, Joe confronts some harsh truths about himself that he's previously pushed away.

Joe becomes more and more enmeshed with Kate and Malcolm's pals. He's especially drawn to Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers), a well-known public figure who's about to run for mayor of London. With the exception of Kate and the kindhearted Phoebe, the toxic group is largely composed of terrible, cruel, self-centered opportunists who spend every single moment together.

The cast of new characters adds to the show's richness. In particular, Keeper's effervescent Lady Phoebe and Speleers' enigmatic Rhys Montrose are both stunning to watch whenever they're on screen. Kate is certainly no Love, but her acerbic character has potential that I hope will continue to blossom when Part 2 of the season returns in March.

Eventually, the group goes on a mini-break at Phoebe's family house, Hampshire House. And Joe is with us.

Phoebe is led into the dining room on her first evening at the mansion, covered in blood. It's up to them to discover who murdered Lady Phoebe, or a group of crazy wealthy individuals playing a murder mystery game in a fancy pants location when a killer is lurking in their midst? The concept might sound familiar if you've just seen Rian Johnson's film Glass Onion.

The idea of a murderer lurking among a group of supposedly friends isn't new territory — some of the most famous mystery novels, such as Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, capitalize on the concept — but the idea that these individuals would also be tempting fate by playing a murder mystery game is objectively hilarious.

The actual games in Glass Onion and You Season 4 aren't that much screen time, but their mere existence demonstrates how untouchable these people are with their surroundings. From the comfort of his perfectly manicured vacation spot in Greece, Miles Bron (Edward Norton) even has Gillian Flynn, the modern queen of twisty narratives, write the narrative for his murder mystery. And then Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) solves the puzzle in less than ten minutes, leaving room for

Death is appropriate for these silly games. Even in a world where many viewers are just as irritated with Joe, it feels like justice to watch badly-behaving and obscenely-wealthy characters get picked off, one by one, as a result of the rest of the characters going into a spiral of worry, fear, and chaos. In Glass Onion, one trigger-happy dude named Roald takes Joe to a citizen's trial in a living room full of

Roald is bested by Joe, but they're both kidnapped and taken to the spooky bowels of the ancient mansion in the spectacular cliffhanger that serves as the season's closing scene when Rhys Montrose declares himself to be the killer and sets the dusty basement floor on fire.

As guests witness the destruction of Bron's glass onion, the fire marks the beginning of a new journey in You. While Rhys' motive and plan are nilluminating, the relationship established between him and Joe gives us a glimpse into Joe's inner turmoil that has never been explored previously.

We'll be watching, much like Joe.

The first five episodes of You Season 4 Part 1 are now available on Netflix. Part 2 will launch on March 9.