Season 4 Part 1 of You: Who is Joes Stalker?

Season 4 Part 1 of You: Who is Joes Stalker? ...

You Season 4 Part 1 spoilers may be found in this article.

Joe (Penn Badgley) finds himself on the other side of the Atlantic in Season 4. He begins his new life as a professor at the well-known Darcy College in London, where he teaches unexpected authors, and the students debate.

Joe gets roped into a group of London's rich and famous under 40, despite his best efforts (read: minimal efforts) to avoid participating in others' lives. Then, people start dumping like flies.

As the murders unfold, it is revealed that Joe has his very own stalker. It's a delightful twist that upends the usual You narrative, putting Joe Goldberg on the defensive rather than the offensive. When Joe's back is against a wall, he is a lazy animal who does whatever it takes to survive.

Season 4 will be broken up in two parts, unlike previous installments of You. The first half of the season establishes Joe's cat-and-mouse game with his stalker, even divulging the man responsible for the shady, mysterious texts in the final few moments of the Part 1 finale. We've got answers.

What's Happening With Joe's Inner Monologue This Season?

Joe discusses his latest female obsession in general. His first-person narrative is an unbreakable thread of the show, and it continues throughout this season. However, the object of his obsession is no longer a female paramour (although he does have time for a few lusty interludes with Kate), but a mysterious stalker.

Joe is still obsessed with Marianne as the season draws to a close, only to discover that she is outraged and wants nothing to do with him. However, when a Quinn family detective discovers Joe and offers him a deal for a new identity, he's concerned that Marianne realizes that Joe is alive, even after the madre Linda catastrophe. So, Joe is forced to fake Marianne's death in exchange for his new life.

Joe is living a fairly normal life, teaching literature at his fancy house, and he loves Marianne, but he knows that he must let her go in order to continue on with his new existence. Enter, stalker.

Joe's stalker has attempted to blame him for Malcolm's murder and is communicating with him via Evanesce, a shady app with disappearing texts. His focus immediately changes as he scrambles to find out who is following him, why, and what they are planning to do for him in the long run.

As an Olympic-level stalker, it's always a joy to be in on what Joe is really thinking; nevertheless, watching him work through the logistics of his life is a fun turn of events. When Joe's past is revealed and his entire existence is jeopardized, he begins to panic.

Marianne: What Was She's Happened to?

Joe was unable to persuade himself to kill Marianne, so he removes a locket from her neck and calls it quits, sending a photo of the necklace to the Quinn family detective in exchange for his freedom. It's unsettling, but whatever.

The bigger issue here is whether Marianne will be reunited in Season 2 of You again. According to Chekov's gun — a gun in the first act will resurface by the third — Marianne may be brought back later in the season. Also, from a practical standpoint, you don't leave an actress like Tati Gabrielle in the wings without intending on bringing her back for some serious drama.

Joe's Stalker: Who is he?

It's a shame that Joe's stalker isn't a wronged lady from his past. If you were wondering that Marianne or somehow Love Quinn would return to prominence in order to wreak sweet revenge, you're not alone. The story is developing to be a wholly unique one, pitting the clever Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers) against an increasingly desperate Joe.

Joe is immediately drawn to Rhys when he first meets Kate and Malcolm's friend group. Thanks to his star pupil Nadia, Joe has already read "Good Man, Cruel World," Rhys's moving memoir about how he went from a rags to riches, escaping to the company of wealthy people.

As the body count climbs — Malcolm, Simon, Gemma — and the "Eat the Rich" killer becomes a fearful figure, Joe begins to hone in on his most significant suspects. Rhys is a guy, but his unpretentious prose, and his similar past give him a blind spot. Eventually, Joe discovers that Rhys is both his stalker and the killer.

Who is the Killer of "Eat the Rich"?

Rhys is revealed to be the "Eat the Rich" killer in the last few scenes of the Part 1 finale. When Roald begins searching Joe on the sprawling grounds of Hampstead House, most dangerous game style, Rhys steps in to "save" Joe.

Rhys confesses to being the killer, sets fire to the dusty old basement, and orders Joe to find him in London if he can, proving that he does indeed have a bit of goodness in his heart. There is also a segment about Rhys running for mayor of London.

Rhys' motives are a bit unclear at this point, but he refers to a "project" in the same breath. The murders appear to be related to his mayoral campaign, but the scope of his plan has not yet been revealed. However, Joe's special abilities may be a key component of this secret plan moving forward.

What Will Happen If Joe Leaves the House?

Joe Goldberg is apparently engrossed in his desire to see his life in London through. Sure, he might flee again and travel to a different city or even a different country, but he's a man of twisted principles. (Also, there's that pesky lingering attraction to Kate. That's not going away anytime soon.)

Will anyone in the You-niverse ever buy curtains?

This appears to be improbable. Stay tuned for Part 2 of You Season 4, when someone might just visit Target to buy window coverings. Or not.

Season 4 Part 1 of You is now available to stream on Netflix. Season 4 Part 2 is released Thursday, March 9.