The i>Snowfall/i> EP Teases a 'Surprising' and 'Emotional' End to the Final Season

The i>Snowfall/i> EP Teases a 'Surprising' and 'Emotional' End to the Final Season ...

Franklin was on the verge of getting everything he wanted.

Teddy erased all his accounts, putting him deep in debt, and everything fell apart from there.

The Saint family is at conflict with each other in Snowfall's sixth and final season, which airs Wednesday, February 22 at 10/9c on FX, and Franklin is pushed into a corner by his aunt Louie, who undercut him to become Teddy's sole purchaser (and built her own competing empire) in the following seasons.

"He's got to survive," series co-creator and executive producer Dave Andron says on TVLine. "He's needs to chase the CIA and Teddy to regain his fortune," says the narrator. "He's got a child on the way. He's really interested in it."

Teddy is just trying to rejoin the CIA after being expelled. He currently works from the outside as a contractor.

'Teddy wants back inside the walls,' the Snowfall EP states. "He wants a seat at the table where the long history of history will be decided, and that money was the thing that would get him back at that table this season. It's: 'Can he get back inside the walls,' says the author.

Franklin is determined to defeat everyone, but he won't go at it alone. He still has Black Diamond and Dallas in his pocket, as well as his mother Cissy and his pregnant girlfriend Veronique, who called in reinforcements, in the Season 5 finale. Andron confirms that she had her scam mother.

"We setup her history and her past with her mom," he adds. "You have to get your money back in some form, [so] who better to come in and assist you than an all-time con woman?"

Given Franklin's turbulent romantic past, it's understandable that some fans are unsure about Veronique's loyalty to Franklin. However, Andron assures her that she will stand by her man till the end. "She's in it with him."

One can't help but think about series co-creator John Singleton, who passed away a few months before the Season 3 premiere in 2019. According to Andron, the show's ending will honor Singleton as well as those who've been along for the journey.

“I think we finished the story in a really unexpected and inevitable way,” he adds. “It's very emotional, and I think it's really satisfying, and I think that's what he'd have wanted. I believe he'd be very happy with where we landed.