'It Didn't Faze Them to Murder My Character,' Roseanne Barr says of 'Can't Bear' to watch 'The Conners.'

'It Didn't Faze Them to Murder My Character,' Roseanne Barr says of 'Can't Bear' to watch 'The Conne ...

Roseanne Barr is a disbeliever in The Conners, and here's why.

Roseanne Barr: Cancel This!, her new standup comedy, was canceled after the Roseanne revival's abrupt 2018 cancellation. Onscreen and off, Barr expressed her displeasure for the ABC spinoff, which was launched on Monday on Fox Nation.

"They were not dissatisfied with me killing [Roseanne]," she said. "They s­t on my contribution to television and the program itself."

Barr responded, "I can't bear it," saying she does not. That was a message to me, knowing that I'm mentally ill or have mental health problems, that they wanted me to commit suicide... And all of that was to thank you for bringing 28 million viewers, which they have never seen before and will never see again.

“But I forgive everyone,” she added. “I started thinking that God took me out of here to save me. And once I began thinking that way, I became, like, a lot better off.”

Roseanne returned to ABC in March 2018 with high ratings and was quickly renewed. Barr then said a racist "joke" about Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, the network reneged on the renewal and parted ways with Barr. One month later, Barr agreed to an undisclosed settlement so the series could continue as The Conners, without her creative or financial involvement.

Barr told the Times that the experience had an emotional toll on her. "But it was a witch-burning. And it was frightening... I would die many times. I guess you could call it the dark night of the soul."