Mega Raids, 5 Star, and other Pokemon Go Raids schedule for February 2023

Mega Raids, 5 Star, and other Pokemon Go Raids schedule for February 2023 ...

In Pokemon Go, dominating Raid Battles is an essential skill, so it’s very helpful to know what to expect from them. In this article, we summarize the entire schedule of Mega, 5-Star, 3-Star, and 1-Star Raids in February 2023.

Raids in Pokemon Go are one of the most important gameplay mechanics, whether you're interested in fighting or catching Pokemon, or both. The February Raids schedule includes a large amount of interesting Pokemon that you can defeat and catch alone or with other trainers.

From Mega Raids to 1 Star Raids, we'll cover the whole February schedule of Pokemon Go Raids, so don't miss your chance to fight and catch powerful Pokemon this month.

  • Mega Raids
  • 5-Star Raids
  • 3-Star Raids
  • 1-Star Raids
  • What are Raid Hours?

In February, Pokemon Go Mega Raids will be released.

Mega GengarFebruary 1 – February 8
Mega GardevoirFebruary 8 – February 15
Mega PidgeotFebruary 15 – February 22
Mega LatiosFebruary 22 – March 1
Mega LatiasFebruary 22 – March 1

The game suggests groups of five level 38-40 players to easily defeat these Mega Raids. Of course, having strong Pokemon with effective attacks is crucial to beating the timer and can allow you to win the battle with even less trainers.

In February, 5-Star Pokemon Go Raids rolled out.

Legendary Pokemon are featured in 5-Star Raids, which are sometimes very difficult to beat. The recommended number of trainers varies from four to ten players between levels 30 and 40.

RegisteelFebruary 1 – February 8
Tapu LeleFebruary 8 – February 15
RegirockFebruary 15 – February 22
RayquazaFebruary 22 – March 1

In February, Pokemon Go 3-Star Raids will be released.

All 1 and 3 Star Raid Pokemon will appear randomly throughout the month, so be sure to check the game often and keep in touch with other trainers to ensure you don't lose the opportunity to beat and catch them.

Several of these Pokemon are subject to special events, so make sure you check this schedule regularly in the event that anything changes during this month.


In February, 1-Star Pokemon Go Raids were released.


The 3- and 1-Star Raids are much less difficult to defeat as they may be handled by one player alone. The key to these battles relies on effective attacks and Pokemon with great durability, since the timer is much more difficult to defeat than some of the bosses.

What are the meanings of Pokemon Go Raid Hours?

Raid Hours in Pokemon Go are hosted once a week and allow players to battle and catch the current 5-Star Raid Pokemon. That means all Gyms with active Raids will feature that Legendary Pokemon, in this week's case it's Tapu Lele.

Make sure you have enough Raid Passes and Remote Raid Passes to enjoy Raid Hours every week.

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