Will there be Hogwarts Legacy DLC?

Will there be Hogwarts Legacy DLC? ...

Hogwarts Legacy players are beginning to give credit for the game's history, but many will be wondering if there would be more to come as post-launch DLC. Here's all we know so far about Hogwarts Legacy DLC.

After an incredible launch, Hogwarts Legacy has officially established itself as one of the greatest games of 2023. Players have spent no time selecting their house before discovering the vast open world and all it has to offer.

As Potter lovers approach the end of the main story, the question of post-launch DLC or expansions has begun to emerge.

Is there any interest in Hogwarts Legacy DLC? Below is a breakdown of everything we know so far.

Is Hogwarts Legacy getting DLC?

There is no information available on any future Hogwarts Legacy content at this time. Avalanche Software's development team has not released any of their post-launch support plans, but there are indications that DLC will arrive someday.

A substantial leak revealed that the game's map had been reduced in size by roughly a quarter before it was released. However, large areas like the Highlands or Swamps are still there, but cannot be accessed in-game right now.

If Hogwarts Legacy does well in terms of sales, the leaker believes these sections might be turned into DLC. It remains to be seen if this would be a continuation of the main campaign or a new side story.

After the iconic sport was noticeably absent from the base game, fans wanted it to be expanded into a mini-game.

Although this is all speculation, Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. have announced that Hogwarts Legacy DLC is in the works. Fans can nevertheless remain optimistic that there will be more magical adventures to come.

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