After a surprise CoD 2023 revelation, Modern Warfare 2 players were left fuming

After a surprise CoD 2023 revelation, Modern Warfare 2 players were left fuming ...

If rumors are correct, CoD 2023 is expected to be a completely new premium game entry. This contradicts previous reports that Modern Warfare 2 would be given a two-year cycle, and players are dissatisfied.

With Season 2, Modern Warfare 2 players are getting ready to receive new content that has already been released. New weapons, maps, modes, and gameplay improvements are among the items that players have been eager to see.

On February 9, leaks related to the next Call of Duty game began to surface, with the focus on Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 previously revealed. Hendeson explained that CoD 2023 will likely be a brand-new premium release, rather than a second year of Modern Warfare 2 content.

The two-year MW2 cycle planned for CoD 2023 was scrapped.

Modern Warfare 2 players have taken to Reddit to voice their opinions on the planned change of direction for CoD 2023. Most players are irritated by the change as they claim that they only purchased MW2 because of the promise of two years of developer support and content.

"That's actually distressing," said one player, since the main reason I bought MW2 was because it promised that this would be the only cod for at least two years." This is only half of the issue that players face when they hear the CoD 2023 leak.

The biggest issue with the change is how it affects Modern Warfare 2's disappointing start, according to them: "And what's even more concerning is how lacking this MP has been this year, with the only explanation being that the content is coming out slowly."

According to players, the absence of Modern Warfare 2 content was only justified by the two-year cycle. They're beginning to wonder where all the missing content is going if it isn't being saved for Modern Warfare 2's second year.

Modern Warfare 2 players are dissatisfied with what they perceive as removing the rug from under them.

One player speculates that the negative reception of Modern Warfare 2 will have an impact on CoD 2023 sales: "They won't see huge sales for that game as they did for this with the current content we have. People will buy, but not as they did for this game."

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