Myst mobile is now available on iOS

Myst mobile is now available on iOS ...

Myst, the beloved puzzle game, is now available on iPhone and iPad in a reimagined and recharged version. Cyan Worlds Inc is optimistic that Myst mobile will bring fresh life to the franchise and open the door to many more enthusiasts and players.

If your memory is dreary, let us resurrect you on what Myst is: an original game that was released nearly 30 years ago, Myst allows players to explore an island that has a fascinating history and its narrative as they go. The refreshed mobile version is a commemoration of the game's 30th anniversary.

Myst mobile has the same experience as the original, but with new features, interaction, and new artwork. On the go, you can explore on the go on either iPhone or iPad with touch controls and an on-screen gamepad.

Myst is also available for free to play, with a one-time purchase option and an introductory offer for anyone wanting a deeper experience.

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