Players in Hogwarts Legacy are grateful that not every Slytherin is an assassin

Players in Hogwarts Legacy are grateful that not every Slytherin is an assassin ...

A bunch of new fifth-year students are roaming the halls of the famous school for witchcraft and wizardry. They help you to get a feel of your surroundings, since not everything is so black and white.

According to a Reddit thread, players appreciate the attention shown when it comes to their fellow students' designs. For instance, Redditor LonleyBeck is thankful that not every Slytherin character is an ass. “It's so refreshing having characters in the house I'm from match the description of 'Slytherin,' and not be absolute dicks.”

Though there is still one student who fits the bill as a shambles dick head, cmath89 says he saw it as a monster. He is the first person on my list to use Avada [on] when I get it list. Considering how enraged we are, we can't help but applaud cmath89's thought.

We also strongly support Coom4Blood, who raises a very important question, “Can you use Avada on his goon as well?” It seems rude to punish the Slytherin lad rather than the Ravenclaw girl who encourages his horrific acts. She is obviously not very wise.

The Hogwarts Legacy character design is fantastic, and, as LonleyBeck explains, "Professor Ronen is so cheerful, Sebastian has such pure motives at heart, even Ominous, the more you learn about him and his background," which perfectly demonstrates that there are others who belong to the traditionally evil Hogwarts Legacy house.

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