Eversoul, a mobile game, is inundated with love this Valentine's Day

Eversoul, a mobile game, is inundated with love this Valentine's Day ...

Eversoul is putting a lot of work into it for Valentine's Day, including exclusive events and tons of goodies for the heart-filled holiday. All of the Eversoul Valentine's Day events include themed skins and stages.

Eversouls' Pure LoveValentine celebrations include a slew of new skins for Jaqueline and Rebecca to commemorate the holidays. Both require the new Love Potion currency.

The special event stages will be running until the 2nd of March, 2023, giving you ample time to immerse yourself in the Valentine's story. Plus, players should enter the Bonbon Chocolat Paradise stage every day to earn plenty of rewards like Everstones, Soul's Memories, and Love Potions. Keep an eye on the enemies, as they're outfitted for the occasion in Valentine-themed outfits.

New, themed items are available in the store and on daily missions, which you can place in your Town to ring in the holiday spirit. On top of all of the Valentine's Day goodies, Nine Ark Inc are truly spoiling us this season.

When are the Eversoul Valentine's Day events live?

Is there a trailer for Eversoul's Valentine's Day events?

Yes! The Eversoul Valentine's Day events will be shown below.

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