The latest Pokmon News: Exciting UNITE leaks surface as a Go playerflexes his incredible Stardust stash

The latest Pokmon News: Exciting UNITE leaks surface as a Go playerflexes his incredible Stardust st ...

Dataminers at Pokémon UNITE have discovered a host of new exciting content that is expected to arrive sometime soon, including playable Pokémon, Held Items, modes, cosmetics, and more.

In other news, a Pokémon Go trainer demonstrated how absurdly large the Stardust they've collected throughout the year, causing others to be stunned by how ridiculous the amount was. Meanwhile, a group of Pokémon Go trainers have found themselves in a awkward position with disgruntled neighbors who refuse to help them find and catch Pokémon on shared grounds.

A Pokémon fan with a special eye for art and design has created some seriously cool-looking Eeveelutions with Mecha qualities, and others absolutely love it.

Dataminers for UNITE are leaked about upcoming information.

According to leaks, Pokémon UNITE players are in for a treat in the next update. Goodra, Lapras, and eventually, Umbreon, and Chandelure are among the new playable Pokémon.

Other bits and pieces were revealed in the leaks, including three new Held Items—Rescue Hood, Slick Spoon, and Rusty Swords—as well as the return of Legacy Trainer Showdown bot battles, new cosmetic options, and more.

Take these allegations with a grain of salt, since nothing has been confirmed yet. The evidence however, appears to be compelling.

That's a lot of Stardust.

Stardust is a consumable resource used by Pokémon Go trainers to strengthen or trade Pokémon. It's one of the most important ones, so trainers store as much of it as they can after earning it from catching, hatching, raiding, or other activities.

Some trainers have as little as none since they are using it all the time. Others can have amounts ranging from hundreds to millions. One trainer, however, has somehow earned $200 million, and they exercised it in the finest possible way—by showing off a Hundo Shadow Mamoswine.

Trainers were in awe at the prospect of figuring out how to even manage to accumulate that much Stardust. The trick, it appears, was nothing more than years of grinding.

Go trainers are rubbing neighbors the wrong way.

Pokémon Go instructors may encounter unexpected situations, such as being asked to examine playgrounds full of children, which might, to an observer, be creepy.

However, for one trainer, it has gotten to the point where their neighbors who share a recreational vehicle park with them are fed up with their Pokémon Go addiction and vented it on social media, yelling at them and their friends as "weirdos" and telling them to stay away. The trainer's actions, however, were dissatisfactory to the neighbor, who has no clue how Pokémon Go works.

Mech-Eevee looks like a total badass.

When it comes to brainstorming, composing, and designing new ideas, it's only natural for fans' imaginations to run wild.

Shunixe, an artist from Japan, took that passion and creativity to a whole new level by creating Eeveelution models that depicted them as Mecha Robots, which looks as fantastic as it sounds.

Fans praised the designs, claiming they were as good or worse than designs in Horizon: Zero Dawn and Zoids. The only Eeveelution that was missing was Leafreon, but Dot Esports can confirm that Shunixe is already working on it.